Dragan Kusić

A 3D printed house!

In Germany, the first 3D-printed residential house is currently being built in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Beckum. Its construction is being funded with €200,000 and its completion is planned for March 2021. The project uses a new type of portal printer, the BOD2, which can be operated by just two people with software assistance. A print head moves on three axes on a permanently installed metal frame and is monitored by a camera. A special nozzle precisely applies a… Read More »A 3D printed house!

SAMANTHA project gets to the heart of matter

The third Transnational Meeting of the project SAMANTHA, held last September and hosted virtually by Centrocot, was focused on the development of training materials for e-learning courses on 3D printing. On 25th September and on 9th October the third Transnational Meeting of SAMANTHA project was held. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the partners met virtually to discuss and define the next operational steps. In particular, the work in progress of the IO2A3 was presented: during the next months the partnership… Read More »SAMANTHA project gets to the heart of matter

SAMANTHA Training Course: T-shaped Skills in Additive Manufacturing

Convince through professional and personal skills! In order to open up the highly innovative field of Additive Manufacturing for one’ s own particular field of application, the acquisition of technical knowledge and skills is of fundamental importance. But in-depths specialist knowledge alone is nowadays no longer considered sufficient to be successful in business. Rather, in addition to the general and in-depths professional “hard skills” it is the so-called “soft skills” that are of particular importance. They have become indispensable, especially… Read More »SAMANTHA Training Course: T-shaped Skills in Additive Manufacturing

The second intellectual output of the SAMANTHA project is SAMANTHA Joint Curriculum and Training Content

The features of SAMANTHA initiative defined and analysed the most suitable training paths, modules and units in order to ease the learning process of the future students  who will have different levels of knowledge and areas of expertise and they will want to choose those subject matters in which they are more interested in. The main goal of the IO2 is to obtain the most suitable curriculum and, therefore, the offline training content considering the real needs of the target… Read More »The second intellectual output of the SAMANTHA project is SAMANTHA Joint Curriculum and Training Content

SAMANTHA project and the #ErasmusDays

Virtual events have become, in this “new normality”, a priority for all types of companies and all those that must bring together a multitude of people in the same place to achieve the success of their projects. Thus, the Erasmus+ projects are not an exception. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the complete cancellation of all physical mass activities. This causes in many cases the reorganization events which are postponed for future years or adapt to the circumstances and develop… Read More »SAMANTHA project and the #ErasmusDays

Printing progress at TECOS

TECOS fights against COVID-19

Over the last weeks, TECOS was constantly active in additive manufacturing field. Our 3D printer turned as a volunteer and has been employed for several days/weeks to produce special holders that minimize ear pains of the health care stuff, while wearing a hygienic mask. We must state that these holders really don’t have any commercial purpose (free of any charge), rather they can be used by anyone who has pain troubles when wearing for several ours the hygienic mask. It… Read More »TECOS fights against COVID-19