AMUEBLA promotes the SAMANTHA project with its promotion at the FMY and the ERASMUS DAYS

During the month of October AMUEBLA has participated in various events where it has been able to actively promote the SAMANTHA project, which will soon begin its pilot course

On the occasion of the ERASMUS DAYS, on the 14th of October, from Amuebla’s website and its official Twitter account, the training programme that will make up the course on which the project partners have been working for months, and which is in a decisive phase, was presented exclusively. The different entities that make up SAMANTHA are working on the different pilot tests that will be carried out in Spain, Italy, Germany and Slovenia.

On the other hand, Amuebla has participated in the Furniture Fair of Yecla together with the Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood. From 20 to 23 October, the association has had a space to promote some of its projects, including SAMANTHA. The aim was to highlight the value of the project in relation to the furniture sector that was concentrated there, for this project leaflets were distributed to those attending the event.

In the coming weeks AMUEBLA will organise several workshops and will expand the information about the pilot. Stay tuned and don’t miss the latest news.