SAMANTHA project

Project Goals

The SAMANTHA project wants to anticipate the improvement/update strategy, especially in the field of VET because the current offer of European VET has to respond to such challenges and take advantage of the great opportunities that lie ahead, such as the gap that exists in the Toolmaking industry and the Habitat sector. For this reason, SAMANTHA aims to develop an innovative training program that addresses the high-tech T-shaped skill gaps for the proper implementation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the value chains of that sectors through a skilled workforce.

SAmantha Objectives

O1- Create flexible learning pathways and didactic tools based on the learning outcomes approach, able to provide, assess and recognize the key competences identified in target groups.

O2- To ensure good alignment of VET programmes with the requirements of the Toolmaking industry and Habitat sector regarding AM.

O3- To boost the Digital Transformation and the Smart Industrial Specialisation of these manufacturing sectors with a competent implementation of AM in their value chains.

O4- To increase competitiveness and productivity of these sectors with a continuous up/re-skilling of the workforce with the required high-tech T-shaped skills needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

O5- To raise awareness and to improve the image of KETs and STEM graduates in society as a field to work in.