On the 21st February 2022, CEIPES and CENTROCOT held on the MS Teams platform the first webinar of the pilot phase for the project SAMANTHA.

The webinar was held with a clear agenda. CENTROCOT coordinated the first part that has been dedicated to the launch of the pilot phase, with the presentation of the SAMANTHA platform, after that, it presented the three speakers of the webinar. In conclusion was held a round table for a Q&A.

The three speakers were:

– Micol Costi – expert in materials research and methodology now working for the company – Materially Srl.

– Salvatore Saldano – designer and expert in Additive Production – Co-founder at the Numen Institute.

– Professor Antonella D’amico, a lecturer at the University of Palermo, an expert in the field of transversal skills, emotional intelligence and educational technologies.

Micol Costi in her intervention brought participants into the world of materials and the various technologies that can be used in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM). She presented new fabrics made with 3D printing and the many possibilities of use. Obviously being careful about on how to make the product much more functional, taking into account the needs and habits in the context of the Habitat sector.

The second speaker was Salvatore Saldano. Thanks to a simple video of a few minutes, he showed how Additive Manufacturing is no longer part of a rapid prototyping but a real way of producing products. 
Thanks to his presentation Salvatore Saldano put in evidence how the technology of AM could be useful for the students who are interested in this world.

The third speaker was the Professor D’Amico. She introduced the topic of the T-shaped high-tech skills. She pointed out the difference between soft skills and life skills. The professor D’Amico talked about on how important are all those Skills it could be possible to acquire in educational the context. She highlighted how having the ability to learn in a dynamic and in-depth way makes a person more aware in communication, a point of fundamental importance for those approaching the job market. The speaker went on to explain and lead the participants through all those skills called “Life Skills”.

The webinar ended with the round table led by the CEIPES project managers. In the various questions, clarifications were provided on the SAMANTHA project and on how a product developed through the Additive Manufacturing will be increasingly widespread and probably of daily use.

The mentors who took part in the webinar have been available for any clarifications on the topics covered in the SAMANTHA project and on the pilot phase that partners will conduct.

For further information visit the project website.