SAMANTHA offers the latest in 3D printing in its online training course in Spain

Innovative online training course for teachers and VET students to promote knowledge in 3D printing.

The SAMANTHA project gives the opportunity to VET teachers and students, as well as professionals interested in this sector, to improve their knowledge and technical and transversal skills in an online course on 3D Printing focused on the production of tools or habitat products.

One of the most important skills in the professional, personal and social areas, as stated by the European Commission.                     

The course is structured in 9 modules and has a duration of, approximately, 97 hours.

SAMANTHA will give you a different way of training, through the videos, texts, images and slides included in the online platform you will be able to learn everything you need to enter the world of 3D printing as a professional. It is also completely free and in English, so that you can improve your language and digital skills. 

During your experience with SAMANTHA, you will have Mentors who will support you and deepen your knowledge in different aspects of Additive Manufacturing and transversal competences.


Transversal Modules (46 h)

Creativity and Social Innovation (10 h)

Communication Skills (12 h)

Project Management Techniques (12 h)

Innovation in Business Models (12 h)

Technical Modules (51 h)

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (10 h)

Additive Manufacturing Printing Technologies (10 h)

Design and Modelling Software (8 h)

Production Processes and Machines for the Tool and Habitat Manufacturing Sectors (12h)

Materials for Additive Manufacturing (11 h)

Don’t miss this great opportunity to increase your training in 3D printing in the habitat and tooling manufacturing sectors. Registration for the SAMANTHA pilot course is now open at

SAMANTHA is an Erasmus+ project developed by seven European partners from Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain: CENFIM and AMUEBLA.

Two webinars will be organized with those Spanish students in the coming months in order to mentor them and exchange experiences on 3D printing.