SAMANTHA project and the #ErasmusDays

Virtual events have become, in this “new normality”, a priority for all types of companies and all those that must bring together a multitude of people in the same place to achieve the success of their projects. Thus, the Erasmus+ projects are not an exception.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the complete cancellation of all physical mass activities. This causes in many cases the reorganization events which are postponed for future years or adapt to the circumstances and develop these events virtually. This is what happened with #ErasmusDays, which had three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond.

AMUEBLA, one of the Spanish partners of this European initiative, held an online event during the #ErasmusDays October 16.  Under the name ‘SAMANTHA High-Tech T-shaped Curriculum’, AMUEBLA kick-off the #ErasmusDays with a poll encouraging people to reflect on Additive Manufacturing and the Habitat sector. Moreover, they provide additional information about the project and the link to the report ‘Definition of training paths, modules, units and learning outcomes’, also available on the project website. It was a unique opportunity to organize an event and spread the word about the project in such a difficult year to host or attend physical events. Moreover, our German partners of the project also took this opportunity. KIT, the coordinator, designed a fantastic poster of the project and ILI used social media channels to disseminate the project.

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