The project enters its second phase

After successfully completing the first phase of the project, Intellectual Output 1, we now move on to the design of the second phase, Intellectual Output 2. In this phase, T-Skills take shape. Horizontal properties are the general characteristics in this area. In our project, these are the modules of Creativity and social innovation, communication skills, Project management techniques and Business model innovation. These modules can also be called soft skills in this area.

Depth in this area is vertical. This means that we are dealing here with the technical components of our project. The modules are an introduction to additive manufacturing, additive manufacturing techniques, the production process, design and modelling software, and finally additive manufacturing materials.

The SAMANTHA team now works in two groups. One of the technical components and one of the non-technical components according to T-shaped abilities. Our “T” is now fixed and begins to take the form of a training course for toolmaking and the habitat sector.

Since the creation of this training curriculum is the core of the SAMANTHA project and the components developed will be used in Intellectual Output 3 for the e-learning platform, we are very excited about the active phase.