CRAFT4.0: an excellent Additive Manufacturing training complementary to SAMANTHA one

As you know, in the SAMANTHA project we are about to publish an innovative training programme that will address the lack of high-tech T-shaped skills for the correct deployment of Additive Manufacturing in the value chains of the Toolmaking and Habitat related products manufacturing industry.

Along the same line, another project, CRAFT4.0, also aims to facilitate the access to Additive Manufacturing technology, but in this case, in traditional manufacturing sectors (furniture, interior design, textiles, etc.). The purpose is to improve the digital skills of artists and craftspeople who want to train themselves and acquire new skills in digital modelling and additive manufacturing, such as 3D printing.

CRAFT4.0 training course is fully complementary to the one offered by SAMANTHA and it will provide you with specific training in Additive Manufacturing in the CRAFT sector.

The course consists of 6 modules and contains 47 high quality original videos:

  • Craft Design and Digital Technologies: the aim of this module is to introduce digital modelling and digital making to the craftsperson. Furthermore, this module aims to provide practical knowledge that the student can utilise in later modules in developing their technical skills in digital modelling.
  • Digital Design: this module provides students with an introduction to the Digital Design, including: vector drawing, solid modelling, surface modelling, digital sculpting, 3D Scanning and parametric design.
  • From Digital to Physical: this module aims to provide the student with an understanding of the working processes involved in both 2D and 3D Digital Making.
  • How Digital Craft can relate to my Practice: the aim of this module is to help students identify the potential opportunities to enhance their craft through digital making. Furthermore, the module aims to highlight the value of digital technology for both small-scale making and for makers in the craft sector as it allows for unique and individual outcomes.
  • Craft Futures: the aim of this module is to provide the student with an understanding of Digital Craft Theory and its implication within their craft practice.
  • CRAFT Examples: The aim of this module is to provide a contextual model for the craftsperson within different sectors (furnishings, jewellery, textiles, décor, etc.).

Don’t miss this excellent training opportunity in Additive Manufacturing in the CRAFT sector!

In November 2021, we will announce the launch of this free course on the CRAFT4.0 website.