A USB hub is a device that expands a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) port into several in order to have more ports available to connect devices to a host system.

USB hubs are often built into equipment such as computer cases, monitors, keyboards or any other similar device. If such a device has many USB ports it usually stems from one or two internal USB hubs because in other case each port would need its own independent USB circuitry.

USB hubs that can be found on today’s market are often available without appropriate housing that can be seriously used in technical applications. For this reason, TECOS team prepared a solution of suitable housing that is made from two interconnected parts which offer easier integration in different technical applications. The construction and design were made internally and first prototypes can be visible on pictures below. This construction offers easy house dismounting and exact positioning of USB hub in a housing frame. 3D printed design is made with minimal material usage as can be seen on the below example pictures. As known, USB hub can be used to connect various storage media (USB keys, SD cards etc.) to it and export the data to PC or similar host system.

Figure 1. Printing of USB hub housing
Figure 2. Printing of USB hub housing holder
Figure 3. Printed USB hub prototype – back view