The Training Course is Taking Shape!

In the last weeks and months, the activities of the partnership have focused on the elaboration of the learning content for the SAMANTHA training course. Highly informative texts were created for the AM-oriented modules as well as for the transversal learning content. In the future training course, those text documents can be used as a downloadable resource for supporting the learning process. But developments will not stop at that level. At the moment we are in the middle of enriching the learning contents. This project phase is dedicated to the implementation of the learning content in an e-learning system designed according to media-didactic principles.

A video clip explains the core content of each learning module

The basis for our SAMANTHA Open Learning Platform is ILIAS Open Source (, which is a powerful learning management system for the development and implementation of web-based e-learning. That is the place where all partners will upload their learning content within the next weeks and enrich it with attractive multi-media elements. In addition to the text, pictures, illustrations, small animations, videos and audios will ensure that the technical information is conveyed in a varied, clear and appealing way. Furthermore, interactive elements such as self-assessment quizzes, mini-games and training tasks have a motivating effect and will invite future learners to engage more deeply with the learning content. The individual learning modules are taking more and more shape. With all this progress in sight, we are eagerly looking forward to the moment when we may welcome future learners to our pilot test!

Interactive elements such as small cloze texts provide a stimulus for learning