SAMANTHA partners celebrate the fourth meeting online

The fourth transnational meeting of SAMANTHA project was held online in March, and focused on monitoring the finalization of the course training materials and the forthcoming activities

On the 15th of March 2021, SAMANTHA fourth Transnational Meeting was organized on-line. It was planned to be held in Barcelona, but due to COVID-19 emergency, partners could only meet virtually to inform and discuss about the project progress and to properly plan project next activities.

SAMANTHA project aims to support companies of the Furnishings and Tools Making sectors to increase the knowledge and better exploit the potentialities of Additive Manufacturing.

Partners informed each other on the level of implementation of the training materials production. The related training course will offer a specific training path guiding the learners along different training materials satisfying previously identified skills and knowledge needs.

The level of progress of the materials production was in line with the expect one and these training materials focus both on technical skills regarding the 3D printing and the related transversal ones. Further discussions allowed to agree on the training materials peer-review process and the related partners’ tasks to be implemented before the materials further elaboration, in order to ensure they comply with project qualitative expectations.

The training materials, following an appropriate transformation and integration with interactive content, will be made available on the SAMANTHA project e-learning platform. Its development has already started in the framework of the Intellectual Output 3. A specific meeting session provided details on the progress of this task consisting in the integration of the training materials in the very e-learning platform.

Following managerial aspects presentation and discussions that focused on dissemination, quality assurance and administrative aspects, the partnership focused the attention on identifying and planning the following tasks to be implemented. Following the previously described tasks, a specific Pilot Course will test the online training course functioning and quality by involving several learners among students and workers from the two target sectors.

We kindly suggest to interested stakeholders to stay tuned in order to know the further development of the project and when the innovative new training course is available for free on line.

Joint image from the 4th Transnational Meeting