Circular Economy and Additive manufacturing

Nowadays Plastic waste has become a problem for our planet. We are witnessing seas, forests and cities polluted by this dangerous waste.

There are many inventions that use plastic waste to create new objects or even new materials. These studies refer to the world of design and industrial engineering, in which through continuous research, experts in these fields try to give green solutions to pollute our planet less.

In the context of addivie manufacturing, it is necessary to highlight the work carried out by Supernovas, a circular design and lifestyle company based in London and Milan that has converted plastic waste into filaments used to 3D print furniture and unique objects.

Through the recycling of PET material, filaments were created to then print furnishing accessories that are not only sustainable but also beautiful and functional.

In this way, attention is increasingly being paid to a circular economy model, demonstrating that it is possible to change the production methods of the consumption of goods and services, significantly reducing the environmental impact on the planet.

Thanks to Supernovas study and designing process a lot of new product have been produced and launched in the Summer 2020 thanks to its first collection.

In addition to sustainable materials and products realized with 3D printing technology, the CEO of the company has also implemented a plan to be able to give consumers the possibility to repair their plastic object always using the same technology, thanks to the economy model. circular is implemented in several aspects of corporate life taking into consideration not only the needs of customers but also those of the planet.

This model also allows the exchange or return of products and has been called “Streaming”: an ecological model in which materials will never become waste again.

Furthermore, Supernovas products are mono-material and made 100% from recycled sources and without glues, which can always be removed during the recycling process.

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